Icicle Creek Trio CD

Icicle Creek Piano Trio: Ravel and Schubert

Jennifer Caine, violin
Sally Singer, cello
Oksana Ezhokina, piano
now Volta Piano Trio

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Icicle Creek Trio CD

Icicle Creek Piano Trio: Haydn, Turina and Shostakovich

Jennifer Caine, violin
Sally Singer, cello
Oksana Ezhokina, piano
now Volta Piano Trio

Volta Trio CD

Volta Piano Trio: Brahms and Clara Schumann

Jennifer Caine, violin
Sally Singer, cello
Oksana Ezhokina, piano

Volta Piano Trio: Brahms/ClaraSchumann

"a performance of such aching beauty I find myself at a loss for words to describe it."
"If you’ve ever encountered a performance of a familiar work so simultaneously poignant and thrilling that it gives you chills, you’ll understand my reaction to the Volta Piano Trio’s Brahms."

--Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine 2019

    Johannes Brahms: Piano Trio in B Major, Op. 8
    1. Allegro con brio
    2. Scherzo: Allegro molto
    3. Adagio
    4. Allegro
    Clara Schumann: Piano Trio in G minor, Op 17
    5. Allegro moderato
    6. Scherzo: Tempo di Menuetto
    7. Andante
    8. Allegretto


"Icicle Creek Piano Trio uses elegance of tone and grace of line and texture…" "transforming sweep of gossamer beauty."

--Gramophone, May 2011

"…this is simply one fantastic performance">


    Franz Josef Haydn: Piano Trio in E Major, Hob. XV: 28
    1. Allegro moderato
    2. Allegretto
    3. Finale: Allegro
    Joaquin Turina: Círculo - Fantasy for Piano, Violin, and Cello, Op. 91
    4. Amanecer
    5. Mediodía
    6. Crepúsculo
    Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor, Op. 67
    7. Andante - Moderato
    8. Allegro non troppo
    9. Largo
    10. Allegretto


"This is one album that is absolutely worth having."

--American Record Guide

"A five-star recommendation."


Ravel: Piano Trio in a minor
1. Modéré
2. Pantoum (Assez vif)
3. Passacaille (Très large)
4. Final (Animé)
Schubert: Piano Trio In E Flat, Op. 100
5. Allegro
6. Andante Con Moto
7. Scherzando : Allegro Moderato
8. Allegro Moderato

CD reviews:

"The performance by the Icicle Creek Trio comes as close to being "definitive" as any I expect to hear in my lifetime."

- Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

"Don't judge people by their names?this is a wonderful album! It even made me take delight in the Schubert, a work that usually drives me out of the room.

"After not even five seconds, I was aware of this group's exquisitely bright tuning and the gentle atmosphere they create for Ravel's impressionist masterpiece. After repeating the opening phrase at a leisurely pace, they give a delicate surge of energy to the first theme before slightly retreating into the ineffably lovely second theme, as the cello in tenor range plays counterpoint to the violin, and the pianist gently generates waves of arpeggios."

"...the Piu Lento coda is a touch of heaven."

--Gil French, American Record Guide

"The playing is warmly considered, meticulous in articulation and blend, and silken in sonority. [The players] gauge Schubert's brooding lines with affecting subtlety. They emphasise the music's contrasts of light and dark within a true chamber-music context, as if they're seated in the room feet away from your ears."

--Donald Rosenberg, Gramophone

"They catch all the subtle, shimmering shades of the Ravel Trio, but this is essentially a young, virile and robust view of the score."

"Their approach to the Schubert is literal and free of those mannerisms that have become encrusted on the work over the years."

--David Denton, The Strad

"The name "Icicle Creek" doesn't really do this piano trio justice. They perform with such fiery passion that there couldn't possibly be anything frozen within 100 yards of them....this stellar recording captures some truly stunning musicianship."

--Chris Robley, CD Baby

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