Raymond Burley/John Feeley CD

Romantic Serenade: Duos by Sor & Mertz

Raymond Burley and John Feeley, guitarists

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The Long Road Home CD

The Long Road Home

Raymond Burley, guitar, Gordon Giltrap, guitar

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"Raymond Burley captures the character of the music, as he manages everything else, with an undemonstrative but totally satisfactory assurance; you feel you are in safe hands, that he is never going to let you down by playing something out of period. I have a feeling that this kind of ability is underrated in our concert halls. Burley’s musicianship is of a very high order and it makes the recording a continual joy to listen to."

Colin Cooper, Classical Guitar magazine (UK)

"If one had to select a single Sor recording to augment a collection this disc would make an excellent candidate. Burley’s playing is tasteful and refined and he is in full command of his material. I can’t recall having heard the great op.7 Fantaisie played better."

Peter Danner, Soundboard magazine (USA)

"John Feeley has a talent of a high order - he is a stylish player, an intelligent musician with technical security in plenty."

Classical Guitar, England.

"He is a bolder, more imaginative interpreter than most of our younger guitarists with an especially appealing ability to impart a gently fluid momentum to the line."

Joseph Horowitz, New York Times

Romantic Serenade

    Johann Kaspar Mertz (1806-1856)
    1. Am Grabe der Geliebten 4:59
    2. Mazurka 4:05
    3. Unrühe 2:54
    Fernando Sor (1778-1839)
    Fantaisie, Op 54 bis
    4. Introduction 1:22
    5. Theme :53
    6. Variation 1 1:48
    7. Variation 2 1:35
    8. Allegro dans le genre Espagñol 5:16
    9. Vespergang 3:33
    10. Trauermarsch 4:26
    L’Encouragement (Fantaisie), Op 34
    11. Cantabile (Introduction) 5:23
    12. Theme :52
    13. Variation 1 :57
    14. Variation 2 1:40
    15. Variation 3 1:39
    16. Valse 3:51
    17. Ich Denke Dein 5:13
    18. Barcarole 4:07

The Long Road Home

    1. A Misunderstood Man
    2. Simply Margaret
    3. From the Four Winds
    4. Kaz
    5. Rainbow Kites
    6. A Christmas Carol
    7. Tears of Joy
    8. Secret Valentine
    9. Fell Runner
    10. The Lord’s Seat
    11. Daisy Chain
    12. Who Knows Where Tomorrow Goes
    13. Quest for Nonsuch
    14. Tailor Bird
    15. London
    16. The Long Road Home
    17. For Those Who Bring Sunshine