"Ed has become my new hero for submitting a real one-of-a-kind tape... (He) has done a great job of capturing clean, clear, stereo trains of all varieties... This is a first rate recording..." ---Michael Laskow, Recording Magazine

Thunder on the Steel

The diesel segments were recorded at Southern Pacific train yard Ozol, in Martinez, California. In the switching yard segment, the three engines are started and warmed up before going into service (track #20). A scanner enables us to listen in on the 2-way communications between the engineers and the yard personnel (track #21). In long cuts in the cab of the steam segments, the shifting of sound is caused by the recordist trying to stay out of the way of the engineers, still capturing the activities, and dealing with the tremendous decibel levels.

Diesel Segment
1. Switching engine arrives
2. Fast freight passes
3. Amtrak leaving Martinez Station
4. Amtrak arriving at Martinez Station
5. Fast freight passes
6. Amtrak passes
7. Amtrak leaving Martinez
8. Switching at Ozol yard
9. Fast moving Amtrak

Steam Segment - Georgetown Loop RR
10. Shay #14 passing Devil's Gate boarding area
11. "Power up" in the cab
12. Engine #346 approaches end of line*
13. "Ready" in the cab of #346*
14. Shay #14 stopping on the high bridge
15. In the cab, #14 leaving Silver Plume
16. Run by of engine #40 near low bridge at Clear Creek
17. In the cab, Engine #40 leaving Silver Plume
18. Engine #40 crossing Devil's Gate Bridge
19. #40 passes with distant whistle
*Colorado Railroad Museum

Switching Yard Segment
20. Start up of three GM SW 1500 engines
21. Switching yard at Ozol with two-way communications