Blue Solitude

Alturas Duo: Scott Hill, guitar, Carlos Boltes, viola and charango, Nicole Esposito, flute

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"Immediately from the opening movement of Leo Brouwer's mood-oriented piece, Paisajes, retratos y mujeres (Portraits, landscapes and women), 'Portrait of Wagner and Mathilde,' one is aware of three extraordinary musicians at work."

"very warmly recommended."

--Lynn René Bayley, Fanfare

"Blue Solitude is a most worthwhile disc that will appeal to anyone who is interested in guitar or Latin American music. Its sound is clear and each instrument can be heard to good advantage."

Maria Nockin, Fanfare

    Leo Brouwer: Paisajes, retratos y mujeres
    1. Retrato de Wagner con Mathilde
    2. Mujer bailando un minueto
    3. La pasión según Dowland
    Raimundo Penaforte
    4. Elegia
    5. Interlúdo
    6. Ariel Ramírez: Alfonsina y el mar
    7. Peruvian Folk Song: Diosllai Runa
    8. José and Roberto Márquez: Sipassy
    Sergio Assad: Winter Impressions
    9. The Frozen Garden
    10. Blue Solitude
    11. Fire Place